Setup Microsoft Outlook for Exchange 2007 on Windows

Our Outlook Auto Setup Tool will automatically create a new Outlook profile for your Exchange hosting mailbox. If you have other email accounts configured in your current profile you will need to move them to the new profile manually.

The Setup tool will not create your mailbox on the Exchange Server. If you are unsure whether your mailbox has been created, please contact your company administrator.

No existing data will be lost during this setup. You can view instructions on how to view all profiles configured on your system here.

If you are not running on Outlook 2003 or newer (2007 or 2010), we recommend upgrading your version of the software before setting up Hosted Exchange. This free upgrade is available from the Control Panel. Please login and click Help.

If you are running any of the following Outlook/OS combinations you will need a VPN connection:

Outlook Version
Windows 2000
Windows XP

For steps on setting up a VPN connection click here.

Note: This tool will modify the registry entry to access the configuration file which will be deployed by the setup tool.

To setup Outlook:

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Download the Auto Setup Tool and save it to your Downloads directory or Desktop.
    Outlook Auto Setup Tool by
  3. Next go to the location where you downloaded the file on your computer, right click on the olsetupv3.exe file, and choose "Run as Administrator".
  4. Click Setup.

  5. The Outlook Setup tool will select the setting which is most appropriate for your client. Please do not change this unless you are advised to do so by your administrator or support personnel.

  6. You will see the following information box:

    Click OK.
  7. The login window will come up and prompt you to login. Enter your full email address and password:

    Click OK.
  8. Click Finish.
    This window may be hidden behind the Outlook window.

  9. Outlook will open automatically. If you have multiple profiles you will be prompted to select a profile. The profile name will be in the following format: "Exchange Hosting {your email address}". Select the profile and click OK.

  10. You will be asked to login again, please do so.
  11. If the Setup Tool encounters a problem while creating your Exchange profile a window will come up with the error message "Your Microsoft Exchange Server is Unavailable."; please click Retry.
  12. You are now ready to use Outlook. Each time you start Outlook you will be prompted to log on with your username and password.

If you prefer to setup Outlook manually click here for Exhange 2007 setup instructions.

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Last updated: 09 Nov, 2011
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