Setting Up Your iPhone for Exchange ActiveSync

Note: This works on any iPhone with the version 2.0 software. The iPhone 3G comes with it, the older model phones will need to be upgraded. If you already have your iphone running Exchange server with IMAP, disable the account in Mail Settings.

If you have not upgraded the software, you can still use IMAP for your iPhone.

  1. Upgrade your phone to iPhone OS 2.0 if necessary
  2. Set up a new mail account, selecting Exchange as in the photo bellow.


iPhone add acount image

  1. Enter your email address <your email address - e.g.> in the Email box.
  2. Enter your Exchange username in the Username box. This user name can be found in the control panel in the drop down menu "outlook setup" and username:
  3. Enter your password in the Password box.
  4. The iPhone might now warn you that it couldn't validate your account. This is because it couldn't correctly pick out your exchange server name. If this is the case, enter your server name in the window. Make sure you enter your ActiveSync server name, not the OWA server (as in Entourage).


ActiveSync server name for exchange 2007 users:

ActiveSync server name for Exchange 2003 users:

  1. Tap the home button and go into Mail. You should see your new account appear, and it should show your folders and email messages within a few moments. Congratulations! Email is now set up. continue to the next steps to enable sync for Contacts and Calendars


iPhone username password screen


You can't sync Contacts and Calendars from both Exchange and iTunes You must choose one or the other And the iPhone will delete your old entries when you enable this. Once you're sure email is working, go back into the Exchange Account Settings tab (shown bellow) and tap Contacts to "ON".


iPhone Account Info Screen

  1. The iPhone will warn you about deleting your existing entries, If you're sure, tap "Sync". They will be replaced with the entries from your exchange account.

iPhone Sync Calanders Screen

  1. Now the iPhone will enable Sync. Wait a few minutes for it to sync.
  2. Do the same for Calendar and you're all set. Wait a few minutes and you will have over-the-air Email, Contacts, and Calendar integration.

iPhone Turning on calanders

Setting Up Your iPhone for IMAP

Our hosted Microsoft Exchange service supports the new Apple iPhone via IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and IMAP-S. This will allow you to access email on the Exchange server using the 'pull' email method.

To setup an IMAP client for Exchange 2003:
Incoming Server Name: (please contact support)
Outgoing Server Name:
Username or Account name: <Your Primary Email Address:>

To setup an IMAP client for Exchange 2007:
Incoming Server Name:
Outgoing Server Name:
Username or Account name: <Your Primary Email Address:>

NOTE: To enable outgoing email, you need to tell your email client software that the outgoing server requires authentication and that it is the same as the incoming server settings.

If your ISP blocks port 25 you can set your email client to communicate with our SMTP server on port 587.

It is important to note that synchronization must be initiated by the iPhone device, not by the server. As a result, ability to access new emails is not immediate. The device will sync with IMAP every 15 minutes by default.


Questions? Call us at (800) 967-3924 or send an email to our support team.

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