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Control Panel Overview

In order to create a new user or add services to a user account you must be an administrator for your company.

When you create a new user you will be required to fill out the fields that are marked with an asterisk (*).  All other fields are optional; if they are filled out they will appear in your company’s Global Address List (GAL).  Once complete save changes to create the user.

You have the option of creating four different types of users:

  • MS Exchange: This user has an Exchange mailbox, and you are able to enable optional services.
  • External Contact: An external contact can be created when an individual needs an email address within your domain but don’t necessarily require an Exchange mailbox. This type of user is commonly used for consultants.
  • SharePoint: You must have a SharePoint user created prior to creating your SharePoint site.  This user does not have an Exchange mailbox.
  • Control Panel-Only Administrator: This type of user can view and edit all Control Panel screens, but does not have an Exchange mailbox.

From the Actions drop-down menu you have the ability to change existing settings as well as add additional services on a per user basis:

General Settings
Allows you to edit the information entered when the user was created, including adding alias names and changing personal information.

Advanced Settings
These settings allow you to restrict/enable and customize certain Exchange features:

  • If you would like to have your email forwarded to another mailbox within your domain or to an external contact you have the ability to do so by selecting a name from the drop-down menu.
  • You may choose which login and From address you would like to use.  This will allow you to select between your primary email address and any additional alias names you may have created.
  • You may restrict or enable users from using certain services to access their mailbox. Some of the services are VPN, IMAP, POP, OWA, OMA and the ability to change their own password.
  • Under these settings you also have the ability to limit a user from receiving emails from external email addresses.

This option allows you to enable premium services for your mobile device. Please note that when enabled there is an additional monthly fee and setup fee associated with this services.

The BlackBerry option allows you to enable, disable, view user’s BlackBerry stats, reinitialize your account and reset the activation password.

Distribution List
Generates a report of all distribution list that that the user is currently on, allowing you to easily manage and edit those distribution lists.

Allows you to delete a user.  Once the user has been deleted they cannot be retrieved.

Change Password
If you haven’t given your users the option of changing their own passwords you can use this link to take you to the Change Password page.

Outlook Setup
The Outlook Setup link is a very important link. From this link you will be able to see all the configuration settings needed to take advantage of your exchange mailbox, including server name, alternate email address and the URL for OWA.

Answer Center
Provides you with a direct link to domain-specific Answer Articles.

Distribution Lists
You can create a distribution list if you want to send the same email to a list of users within your organization. An example of this would be a distribution list called “Support”, which has the email address of support@controlpanelhowtos.com. When someone sends to that email address it will be distributed to the list of users you specify.

The “Members of this distribution list” field allows you to add/remove users within your domain from the distribution list.

The “Additional Email Alias for this list to receive email at” field allows you to add additional email addresses within your domain. This could be an address that contains your domain name but is not a user on our system, or a Public Folder that is email enabled.
The “Allow Messages to this list” field allows you to limit who can or cannot send to this list.

SharePoint Sites
Using this link you are able to add and delete you company’s SharePoint site(s). From the Control Panel you only need to do the initial setup of the URL and plan type. Check the Answer Center for steps on creating or migrating a SharePoint site.

Spam Settings
The software employs a heuristics-based analysis of messages to determine whether the email is classified as unsolicited commercial email, spam, or legitimate email. It is capable of adapting over time, making it possible to constantly improve its ability to catch unwanted messages and prevent false positives.  Any emails caught by the server-side spam filter will not be forwarded to your mobile device.
Note: This functionality is available only to users on Exchange 2003.
Spam Filtering: This is the overall setting.  If it’s set to Disabled, the “Move to Junk email folder” threshold and “Delete” threshold will not take effect.
Move to Junk Email folder Threshold:  The recommended setting is four.  Any emails that are rated equal to or higher than this setting will automatically be moved to the “Junk Email folder” in your Outlook inbox.  The lower the number is, the more emails will be caught.

Delete Threshold
The recommended setting is eight.  Any emails rated equal to or higher than this setting will automatically be deleted and will not be able to be recovered.  The lower the number is, the more emails will be caught.  The Delete threshold number must be higher than the Move setting.

Secondary Domains
Secondary domains are used if your company has more then one domain name. When you add a secondary domain you will then have the ability to add alias email address with that domain name.  There is an additional reoccurring charge for each domain name added.

Company Details

Under this link you are able to edit your company’s personal information. You are also able to add email addresses that you want to receive alerts if there is any type of system notification that goes out.

Billing Details
This section lists your billing details and allows you to change billing address, credit card information, individual who receives the invoice email, etc.

Change External Email
Entering this email address is optional, but helpful if we need to contact you at an external email address.

Outlook Web Access
The OWA link provides you with a direct link to check your mail from any computer via the internet.

The Storage Report lists the overall amount of disk space your company is using, as well as the amount used by each individual.

Help: Setup Information
From this link you will be able to see all the configuration settings needed to take advantage of your exchange mailbox, including server name, alternate email address and the URL for OWA.

Custom Support Center
These Answer Articles have been customized with your domain-specific server information.

Questions? Call us at (800) 967-3924 or send an email to our support team.

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