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document Setup Microsoft Outlook for Exchange 2007 on Windows
Our Outlook Auto Setup Tool will automatically create a new Outlook profile for your Exchange hosting mailbox. If you have other email accounts configured in your current profile you will need to move them to the new profile manually. The Setup tool will not create your mailbox on the Exchange...
document Outlook Manual Configuration (Any Exchange Version)
There are many steps for manually configuring a mailbox in Outlook. We recommend using the automatic setup tool for configuring your account. Configuring Outlook to connect to Exchange 2007 Exchange 2010 If the Outlook Auto Setup Tool is...
document Change Mail MX DNS Record for Your Domain Exchange 2007
To receive emails at your 123Together Exchange mailbox: Set up forwarding while your DNS changes take effect (typically 24-48 hours). This will prevent any emails from being lost. Most ISP's have an administration page where you can setup a forwarding address; if you're unable to find it...
document Setup AutoDiscover for Microsoft Outlook 2007 on Exchange 2007
To start using the Outlook 2007 AutoConnect feature, you will need a special DNS record, called a CNAME record, set up for your domain and pointing to our server. Contact your DNS provider and request the following subdomain: autodiscover.yourdomain.com. Please note: It is important to rename...
document Setting Up Your iPhone for Exchange ActiveSync
Note: This works on any iPhone with the version 2.0 software. The iPhone 3G comes with it, the older model phones will need to be upgraded. If you already have your iphone running Exchange server with IMAP, disable the account in Mail Settings. If you have not upgraded the software, you can...
document Setup Wireless Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for Android Smartphone
If you are on a plan that requires you to enable ActiveSync before you can setup your phone, you will need to do so in the control panel. Please log in to your control panel and enable the ActiveSync service for the user you are setting up. Once enabled, please follow the instructions below. ...
document Setup BlackBerry for Exchange
From the User List page, click on the drop-down arrow next to your user name and choose “BlackBerry”.  Click Enable BlackBerry Service. Do a "Wipe" on your handheld.  NOTE: Any changes made on the handheld that have not been synched to your Outlook will be lost. Do not do a...
document Setting Up A Split Domain
What is a split domain? A split domain is when your domain is shared between two mail servers; with some users at your domain on one mail server and other users at your domain on a different mail server. When a domain has been split between two servers, email sent to users of the same...
document How to Forward Email to Your Exchange Mailbox
Every hosted Exchange mailbox on our system is assigned a unique 123Together.com email alias. You can use this alias to avoid losing emails while either waiting for your MX record change to propagate or if you're using a split domain. You can find your alternate email address in the Control Panel...
document Manual Outlook Setup on Exchange 2007 for Windows XP and Vista
Prior to setting up Outlook you will need your Outlook setup information with your username, password and server name. This can be found in either the Welcome email or you can log into the Control Panel and click on Help > Setup Information. As a user on Exchange 2007 you will use the...
document Exporting Calendar, Contacts and Mail Folders to a .pst File
You can copy messages and other items into a new or existing set of personal (.pst) folders. This option lets you select which items you want to export and which you want to exclude. You can use this method whether your mail is stored in a hosted Exchange server mailbox or in a set of personal...
document Adding POP/IMAP Account to Existing Hosted Exchange Profile
If you are using Outlook 2007 you can add a POP/IMAP account to your existing hosted Exchange profile. In Outlook go to: Tools > Account Settings > Email Tab. Click New. Select "Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP"; click Next. Check "Manually...
document How to set up a Microsoft Exchange 2007 email account on Windows Phone 7
You can use the following steps to set up a Microsoft Exchange email account on your Windows Phone 7. You can also use the steps in the following procedure to set up other email accounts that use Exchange ActiveSync—including an Outlook Web App account. On Start, flick left to the App list...
document IMAP4 Access From Any Email Client
Email clients, such as Eudora, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Pine, etc., cannot access the hosted Exchange environment via the default protocol (MAPI) created by Microsoft. Instead, they must access email via POP3 or IMAP. Note: POP3 access does not allow access to most features of Microsoft...
document POP3 Access From Any Email Client
Email clients, such as Eudora, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Pine, etc., cannot access the hosted Exchange environment via the default protocol (MAPI) created by Microsoft. Instead, they must access email via POP3 or IMAP. Note: POP3 access does not allow access to most features of Microsoft...
document How To Add An Exchange Mailbox In Your Control Panel
document Import Folder Information Into Your New Exchange Mailbox
After migrating to your new hosted Exchange mailbox, your Contacts and Calendar are empty.  Your previous mail folders can be found in the "Personal Folders" section. Use the following steps to import data from your previous folders: To Import your existing .PST file, please complete the...
document Import Folder Info Into New Exchange Mailbox
After migrating to your new hosted Exchange mailbox your Contacts and Calendar are empty, and your previous mail folders are in the "Personal Folders" section. Use the following steps to import data from your previous folders: Open Outlook. Select File -> Import and Export. Select...
document Setup Mac Entourage X for Exchange Server
Edit hosts file: 1. Open up your terminal application 2. Type in "sudo pico /etc/hosts" 3. Type in your administration password 4. Use your arrow keys to maneuver the cursor and type in whatever entries you are wanting to put in your hosts file 5. Once you...
document Setup Wireless ActiveSync for PocketPC SmartPhone
You can use Microsoft's Windows-based PDAs/mobile devices to wirelessly sync and access your Exchange mailbox.   On your device select Start > ActiveSync. In the ActiveSync panel select Menu > Add Server Source. Enter name of the...
document Upgrading to Microsoft Outlook 2007
If you have Windows 2000 or XP we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Outlook 2007. You can download a free copy by logging into the Control Panel and clicking the Help link. During the installation of Outlook 2007, you will be prompted to select the type of installation - please select...
document Changing Your From Email Address Via the Control Panel
NOTE: You must be an Administrator to perform these steps. You can change your "From" email address to permanently reflect another email address via the hosted Exchange Control Panel. To do this: Login to the Control Panel. Click Manage Users. On the User List page click the...
document Create A Distribution List Via the Control Panel
If you are an Administrator you can create a distribution list via the hosted Exchange Control Panel to send email to multiple users from the same email address. To do this: Login to the Control Panel. Click Distribution Lists > Create Distribution List. Fill in the required...
document Enterprise Activation for Your BlackBerry Connect Device
The steps below will help you set up full two-way synchronization of email, calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks between your BlackBerry Connect enabled handheld and your hosted Exchange mailbox using our BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Download the BlackBerry Configuration Tool here. ...
document Error: Your Microsoft Exchange Server is Unavailable
PROBLEM: You are unable to connect to the Exchange server, receiving a "Your Microsoft Exchange Server is Unavailable" error message. There are several possibilities for seeing this error message: Connectivity issue - Outlook isn't configured correctly and is unable be able to create a...
document Unable to Send/Receive Email Due to Mailbox Size
If the total folder size for your mailbox is higher than five times the size of your plan size, you have reached Exchange's hard limit and will be unable to send or receive email. Your plan has a hard limit of approximately five times the plan size (i.e.: 500MB X 5 = 2500MB; 1000MB X 5 = 5000MB;...

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